Indeed, a prick by a rose thorn can be really tragic, because skin damage can lead to long-known disease described in science as "a disease of the gardener."

Dangerous disease for those who have a weakened immune system. It affects all organs. In former times this disease gardeners even died.

This disease is called sporotrichosis. And simply put, it's a fungus, which lives on the thorn of a rose. With a weak immune system the fungus quickly develops in the body and affects the kidneys, liver, causes inflammation of the joints, pneumonia, etc.

Do not think that if you have no garden in which to grow roses, then you risk nothing. Getting sporotrichosis is quite possible, if you prick give you roses or if you are a seller and sell the roses at a flower shop.

Meanwhile, to protect yourself from this dangerous disease is quite simple. For this you need only to follow certain rules that will help you not to prick the thorn on the rose.

If you are working with plants with thorns (it may be not just roses), be sure to use a thick rubberized gloves will protect your hands.
In addition, do not break the stems of the roses with your hands or cut with a knife. Use the special tools - secateurs.

If you still pricked, carefully wash your hands with soap and water and treat the wound with solution of brilliant green - in other words, the usual green paint.

That's all simple rules. Adhere to them very simply, but they can provide you with an invaluable service if you will face in life a similar situation.