You will need
  • healthy young seedlings of wild rose;
  • - cuttings for Scion with well formed buds;
  • - okulirovannyh knife;
  • tape or duct tape for strapping;
  • garden var.
Do the budding in late summer (July-August). Choose healthy annual seedling hips. The most undemanding and frost-resistant rootstock believe the dog rose (Rosa canina). A week before the vaccination is good pour over the plant.
Select strong shoots of the cultural form of a rose for the Scion. The bark of these shoots can be easily separated from the wood, and the buds are well formed. Cut off the stem and remove all the leaves, leaving only the stalks. If cuttings are to be kept until grafting, put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.
Prepare the tools for grafting. The knife blade should be clean and sharp. Cut Lenka strapping. The length of the strips should be about 30 cm and width not more than 1.5 cm All instruments are put on a tray or clean paper next to the grafting of a plant.
Atrebate the earth from the root of the wild rose. Vaccination should be done at root collar (thick Central root) or for a one-year escape as close as possible to the root. Wipe root wipe or a clean cloth. Special knife, make a T-shaped incision.
The prepared cuttings for grafting separate the flap - make a shallow cut, separating the kidney, with the petiole. The kidney needs to be in the middle. If, along with the kidney cut a strip of wood, then it can not be removed.
On the hips, expand the edges of the incision made with the tip of a knife okulirovka. Gently holding the stem, insert into the cut prepared by the kidney. Firmly press the kidney to wood and tight tie place of grafting tape, leaving only the eye.
Grafted rose okucia moist earth. Check the survival rate of vaccinations in a couple weeks. If the kidney is green, then the operation was successful.
The following spring (end of April) resolute rosehips, remove the harness and the site of inoculation zamazhte garden pitch. Cut shoots of rosehip to 1.5 cm above the grafted buds.