Characteristics Of Taurus

From the Taurus, both men and women seem cold and unwavering. They stand firmly on their feet, I prefer to be realistic and not flying in the clouds. Taurus perfectly fits the expression: "all come from childhood". People of this zodiac sign is literally absorb parental guidance, generally accepted norms and traditions. They will follow throughout life.
Taureans are calm and some detachment. They are wonderful, thoughtful people. This sign loves comfort and harmony in everything.

To choose a life partner Taurus will very thoroughly. People of this sign tend not to waste your time relationships: they strive to connect the knot once and for all. That is why the proposal or consent from the Taurus can wait a long time. They want to find someone loyal, honest, sincere.

Calves are hard to tolerate separation. A true nightmare for them is treason: they'd never go. Heart wounds heal so long after the break for a long time preferred to remain single.

Finding his man, the Bulls will wrap his kindness and warmth. The sign characteristic of a good physical form, but he prefers sex "the old fashioned way". To experiment is negative, though can fall prey to the entreaties of the partner. Great joy, however, this does not get it. Taurus men prefer to lead in bed, don't like female domination. Women Taureans love affection and tenderness, able to speak frankly about their desires.

Compatibility for Taurus

Regardless of the zodiac sign of the alleged partner Taurus will long to look at him. Prizemleniya, loving the comfort the person needs those who will help create the desired ambiance and will support tradition. Ideal for Taurus in this case, people born under the sign of Cancer.

The Union of Taurus-Cancer is strong. Both signs have the same value system, I love building and trying to create the ideal strong family. Perfectly agree they are in bed best antidepressant for both will be tenderness, affection and kisses.
Much success awaits the couple after some time. Water and earth elements begin to seriously depend on each other. That is why the Calf will also be comfortable with the fish and the Scorpion.

Good fit little bodies and representatives of the private element – Capricorn and Virgo. With the first possible stable and durable Union. And Taurus, and Capricorn can be reliable and faithful people. The connection with the Virgin will give good results. However, if you believe the horoscope, the Taurus in this pair will need to learn how to be more cold-blooded, and the virgin birth - more relaxed.