The main tasks of the nurse of a kindergarten

In the morning, the nurse needs to meet the children, checking the condition of each of them. In case of revealing of signs of an infectious disease, the nurse usually gives the direction of the doctor.

During the day the nurse should perform the following tasks:

1. To monitor the status of children who had been given the vaccine or vaccination.

2. To organize and carry out physical exercises, and in the presence of the pool organize swimming.

3. Conduct tempering procedure.

4. Okazyvaet first aid, if necessary, to provide first aid until the ambulance arrived.

5. To check the quality of food and to monitor compliance with epidsezona in kindergarten.

6. Make a plan of exercise for children after injuries and for children with illnesses that do not allow to do by standard methods.

In addition, the nurse is obliged to weigh the children, measure growth and to pursue other anthropometric studies. The teachers and the nurses spend with the children enough time. Nurse having basic knowledge in Pediatrics, can detect the first signs of disease.

Parents can direct your questions to the nurse of the kindergarten is more convenient than an appointment to the clinic. The nurse will help parents to fill information gaps in the following areas:

  • nutrition and hygiene of the child;
  • exercise and a hardening;
  • methods of first aid;

If your child for health reasons requires daily medication and it should be done throughout the day – tell your nurse as monitoring medication included in her duties.