To fill again to work stationery stapler for papers, pick up in store the desired size of the staples that is recommended for your type of staplers.
Open the package with metal straps, take out one block fastened together by staples. They easily crumble, because take them out of the box carefully.
Open the stapler with both hands. Hold it in your left hand, with the thumb of that hand, pull the inner spring of the stapler on himself to the end. Right hand slide the bracket downwards in the stapler, stressing their one end to a spring device. Close the stapler.
Make the check steplirovanie two sheets of paper. Through this action the clip inside the device, even if they were not pasted very properly, will fall into place. In any case, do not place fingers under the staple, under his working area, as it is unsafe action causes injury to hands.
Construction or furniture staplers staples are charged differently. Depending on their type, buying a stapler, pre-buy a box of staples to it, they will recommend the seller. The fact that their sizes in blocks for the different rods are different.
In some types of construction staplers special chute with a spring extends fully out of the unit. This trench need to get from the device, take it in hand to give a series of clamps point downward. Now the chute and push the device until it clicks. Check on the materials installation of brackets, by clicking them, for example, in the matter of 2-3 times.
Other types of construction staplers have a retractable spring that holds the staples inside the machine. It needs to be put forward for themselves. Inside the chute with the spring inserted staples that you have accurately taken out of the package. Staples are placed with their pointed ends down in any device of the stapler. Reinsert the spring mechanism. The device is ready for use.