In the summer you can go to the cinema in the open air. The largest and most comfortable cinema this plan – "pioneer". There are blankets, pillows, and even raincoats in case of rain. The main repertoire of "Pioneer" consists of Arthouse and festival films.
Music lovers can visit the club "Forte", there are nightly live music, you can relax a big company. The club has an excellent menu and good wine list. The musical range is great – from Blues singers to groups that perform music in the ethnic styles.
Night tours in the city are of great interest among residents and guests of the capital. One of the most popular options – walking and bus trips that conducts "Bulgakov's house". These excursions are associated with the most famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, in the process, the guides tell interesting facts about the novel and its author.
Another popular route is Moscow – "Territory of ghosts", its "mystical" component, urban myths and gossip will be of interest to people of any age.
In late spring, summer and early autumn night a pleasure to cycle through the empty to the specialized tracks. If you do not have your two-wheeled transport, rent from the using the website for this you will need a working mobile phone, personal data, email and Bank card. On the website detail the registration procedure.
Many indoor rinks of the capital held night sessions of skiing. For those who already know how to ride, better suited to a skating rink in the ice Palace of CSKA where there are no caretakers. Here you can rent rollers are available for rent. Night sessions go from ten at night till one in the morning and to the morning until five in the morning. If you are a very good skate, but the night sessions you are interested in, go to the skating rink in TTS "European", it is also possible to rent skates, skiing by night are from eleven at night until six in the morning.