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  • Journal "Leisure & entertainment", "Afisha" magazine .
If there is a desire to diversify his life to the extreme then you can go to the climbing wall. The average height of rocks on the climbing walls in Moscow from 4 to 17 meters. There are slopes for beginners and experienced climbers. Equipment available to rent, experienced instructors will be able to help put it on and to advise beginners on all matters of climbing.One of the popular amusement is the scuba diving diving in the scuba gear. In Moscow, several diving clubs offer courses for beginners and experienced offers a dip in the pool. Diving suit available to hire, but before diving need a medical certificate and a certificate after the training.To unusual and extreme entertainment include zorbing. Zorb is a large transparent sphere, inside of which is another, smaller one. The space between them filled with air, so the person inside the sphere of comfort and excellent cushioning. Riding the zorb from the hills-a great shake-up, primarily emotional.For an active holiday with perfect paintball. In various paintball clubs exist as a small platform for games (2 to 20), and is designed for a large number of participants (300 people). The rules of the game allow you to feel like a participant of real hostilities, but the game is absolutely safe and fun.Fans of speed can be offered such entertainment as the go - kart race on a special compact cars. Participation in these races helps to ensure a powerful charge of adrenaline, to strengthen the spirit of sport and de-stress through exciting thrills.
Karting - fun for thrill-seekers.
For those that prefer a more secure, there is also a lot of opportunities to have a great time.In the Moscow parks have many different rides, dance floors, sports centres, where guests can play Billiards or table tennis, rent a bike or roller skates.A great number of museums and exhibitions in Moscow are provided for the lovers of Antiques or interested in the various historical and unusual facts.Very diverse theatrical life of Moscow. To purchase a ticket to the show better, over the last month and a half, as soon as it became known repertoire. Otherwise there is a risk to be on the uncomfortable seats in the hall, or not to get to play at all.If you want to have fun in the night you can visit one of the many dance clubs. To choose the one for you, read the information about it on the Internet, and, according to their own preferences. When choosing a club you should pay attention on styles of music, for the entertainment offered in addition to the dance floor.
Night club - the best place for incendiary parties.
Of course, entertainment in Moscow are not limited to only those described here. Regularly there are new institutions that propose to diversify leisure of residents and guests of the capital. The main thing that everyone can choose what he will be like!
Relax, whatever,the main thing - positive emotions!