You will need
  • You will need a pumping station, a pressure tank with an extra capacity water tank.
The increase in the pressure of the water in the water. To raise the pressure of the water in the pipes, check the pipes if they are clogged, change them. If not the pipes, install a pumping station. For this cut the piece of pipe immediately upon entering the water pipes in the apartment. Cut the threads on the scraps of pipe and insert a pump. For normal operation of the machine it is necessary that the pressure in the water was not less than 0.2 ATM., in this case, water power station will be enough to maintain normal pressure. Below the station operates in the standalone mode, install pressure gauge and adjust it to a certain value. For example, the station will activate only when the pressure in the water main falls below 0.8 ATM. When using the station, note that when enabled, the neighbors , the pressure of the water may drop to critical values.
In that case, if the water disappears altogether, use the system with accumulator. He is a reservoir in which is located the sensor of level of waterthat is triggered if the level of water inside the tank falls. To the tank connected to the pump which turns on when you open the tap. The system continues to work as long as there is water in the tank. Once in the water again the water tank is filled independently. In front of the entrance of water be sure to install the filter. In the selection of the tank expect the water in it should be fully updated within two days.
The increase in the pressure of the water in the tank. If there is a system of the crane capacity, in order to increase the pressure of the water in the tap, raise the level of water in any way. The easiest way – just add water into the tank. The higher the liquid column, the more pressure. Second option: raise the reservoir elevation, connecting it with a tap flexible tube. Pressure water will be directly proportional to the liquid level rise.