To view the file libraries can be used the program Resource Hacker. She is the editor of system resources with which code from a DLL can be retrieved or changed at the discretion of the user.
Download the software from the Internet using the official website of the developer. Open the resulting installer in the downloads directory and install applications for use in the system. After installation is complete, run the utility using the created desktop shortcut.
In the window that appears you will see the utility interface. In the left part of the dialog box contains a list of directives that contains the file to open. In the Central part of the program you will see the code that can be modified and saved back to the file. Maintaining the program is done using the Compile Script button and then selecting File – Save.
Open your document in the format DLL by clicking in the top bar File – Open and specify the path to it. Edit the file at your discretion and make it compile using the Compile Script, and then click save.
You can now close the window and try to start another utility DLL which you edited. Change in the library is completed.
It should be noted that editing any system files which is and DLL can cause problems in the functioning of the system and the impossibility of normal operation of some programs. Change the code in such instruments you should make carefully and only if you know exactly what you want to edit.
Among the alternative Resource Hacker utility you can mark the program Resource Tuner, which also works with formats OCX and SCR. Both programs are able to make changes in executable files EXE.