You will need
  • software BlueScreenView.
If the operating system settings include the option to write a dump when it crashes you can find out the cause of the error. The dump files have. dmp extension. To open them using special programs, for example, BlueScreenView or the Microsoft debugging tools. Latest utility, though designed specifically for Windows platforms, it requires the presence of an installed package .NET Framework last version, so it is rarely used.
Initially, you must disable the automatic reboot to see the error number and its transcript, and enable creation of memory dump files during the crash of the system. Go to the desktop and click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer". In the context menu select "Properties".
In the window that opens, navigate to the "Advanced" tab, in "startup and recovery" click "Settings". Remove the checkmark from "automatically restart". If you are faced with a situation where the system cannot be loaded, activate this option through the boot menu, press F8 at boot and select"When system failure do not reboot". Now you can see the "blue screen of death" and writing the error code to find out its origin by using another computer.
But it is not always 2-3 lines you find the cause of BSOD. If you use the program BlueScreenView, you can find out more details. Download it at the following link and russifiers you can download at this link
After running this program in the main program window you can see all the dump files which are in your system. Their absence says outages power supply the computer did not happen or the ability to record the dmp file has not yet been used.
Select the latest creation date in the dump file and read the detailed explanation to him. If the information is too little to solve the problem, click the menu "File" and select "Find in Google the error code and driver". Using search engine you can find a solution.