You will need
  • program Hex Edit.
Search the Internet and download it to the computer program Hex Edit. You can find on the website You can use another editor by finding it through search engines on the Internet. The logic behind such editors is virtually identical.
The main window is the same as in any editor: main menu, panel buttons, the editing area and so on. Open exefile using "Open" from the main menu. It is not necessary to amend the original — copy the exe-file and work on copy. As a rule, the contents of the original fileand should not be changed, because incorrect editing all content will work incorrectly or even stop working on a personal computer.
Displaying. exefileand it happens in the interpretation of the binary content. It will look like a string with numbers and Latin letters denoting the sections of the file. Change the display mode of the document to see the pieces of the program code or important parts of the file. You can edit different parts of a document. Do not forget that to handle these files, you must have some skills.
Save the changes by using the appropriate menu item. Check the file for proper operation because when you edit the exe-fileand the editor of his performance could not be maintained. Compare files between them. Read the literature for editing binary code. There are certain rules of placing the information in binary form, and defined the structure of an exefile. This information can be found on the Internet, and also on thematic resources, use the search engine.