Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Open the reference Standard and start the Notepad application. Create a new text document.
Type Windows registry Editor Version 5.00 as the first line of the generated document and be sure to leave the following line blank. In the next line, specify the section of the registryand to include the filein square brackets:[Path registry].
In the fourth line of the document, enter the name of the parameter to be added to the registry in quotation marks:"".After you name the file with an equal sign and select the desired type of data:"ValueName"="data Type".
Note valid types are:- Reg_Binary - a hexadecimal value is Reg_Dword string value;- Reg_Expand_SZ - hex parameter that does not require a value;- Reg_Multi_SZ - a special hexadecimal value.
Next, put a colon and type the necessary value: znacheniyah". Thus, this line should look like"Parameter"="data Type: znacheniyah".The last line of the generated document must be empty. The complete syntax for created a. regfile:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[Path registrya]"ValueName"="data Type:znacheniyah"
Save the created text document with the extension .reg and enclosing the value name and extension in quotation marks. Run the created reg file one of the following ways:- double-click (you will need to confirm execution of the selected action by pressing the Yes button in the opened query window of the system);- the command REGEDIT in the command shell Windows; the command REG ADD;- INF-file, and restart the system to apply the changes.