Use one of the following ways in order to connect the library to the program "Compass 3-D". Start the app, go to the main menu and select "Service". Then find the sub-item "library Manager". In the left part of the window that appears, select the entry corresponding to the name of the librarythat you want to connect.
The right side of this same window, open the context menu and select "Universal mechanism". After that click on "Connect". Wait, it will take some time. Once opposite the library you will see a red box, can you close the window, the library is connected. This method is suitable, if not caused by an automatic control system for libraries.
Use a second method to attach the library. Run the program. In the main menu, select "Tools", then "library Manager". A window will appear. In the left part of it select the library. In the right pane, double-click the same library. It will take some time. This displays all the contents of the selected library. If all the contents are opened and displayed without any errors, then the library is connected successfully.
Follow these steps to connect the library "photorealistic". It will greatly extend the functionality of the program, and will allow you to use it not only as a universal design tool, but also as a means of creating textures and materials of an advertising nature.
To install the library "photorealistic", add its description. Then open the downloaded archive photoreal.msi. After that you need to follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Specify the path to the installation file of the library. It should be called photoreal.rtw. The installation location of the data library , the program determines automatically.