The first place where you want to go night – this, of course, Nevsky Avenue, the main vehicular and pedestrian artery of the city. The street where the bright lights mood lighting illuminated the old buildings. On this street you can find everything – museums, banks, shops, restaurants. Walk along Nevsky will take you to Palace square, the Alexander garden, the Hermitage and the Neva river. In the evening you can ride along the shore of the city by boat or ship. A night tour is built with the possibility to see the bridges.
Gaining popularity of extreme walking on the roofs of the town. With them at night offers a truly remarkable view of the city. However, there are some necessary to comply with the rules on such trips. First of all, in any case can not take alcohol before going on the roof or during a walk. Book a tour, take care to find suitable clothing and shoes, no heels and long skirts. If you are afraid of heights, you should not tickle their nerves in a similar walk. Detailed rules you can find on the Agency's website, where you will enjoy this extreme tour.
If you prefer a cultural holiday, best to look Peter in may. In late spring the city hosts the project "Night of museums" which can be heard in most of the exhibition galleries and museums. Usually during this project in the exhibition halls there are special programs – concerts, performances and master classes. "Night of museums" - an excellent opportunity to get new impressions.
Of course in St. Petersburg is a vibrant nightlife. There are plenty of Nightclubs where you can spend the whole night, as well as bars, cafes and restaurants where you can stay up late. Many of them are sports bars, where sports fans can drink a glass of another beer and watch the stream of the world and European Championships.