Petersburg is one of the most romantic cities on Earth. Nevsky, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Hermitage, the Summer garden, Peterhof and bridges, bridges, bridges... Evening city fascinates with its illumination, which is reflected by a mysterious sheen in the water channels and in inclement weather - in the puddles.One of the most amazing classes in Petersburg in the evening - a walk along Nevsky. Lit up, the prospect is receding into the distance with an arrow, surrounded by the smell of coffee out of the hundreds of coffee shops. Walk down Nevsky in the evening - means to plunge into the unique atmosphere of poetry and romance.Evening spectate in the Musical Comedy Theatre, the Alexandrinsky theatre, Theater on Vasilievsky island and the concerts of the Philharmonic seduce not only guests, but also of St. Petersburg. Tickets, of course, are best purchased in advance, but even if we were in the city on the day of the performance, take a risk - it may be that there are few empty seats.In the warm season on the Neva hold a laser show is an unforgettable spectacle. Over the surface of the water bloom picture of inimitable beauty and scale.A lot of pleasant sensation will bring a walk from St. Nicholas Cathedral. Backlight it is so original that it seems the building is about to soar into the air on the wings of the Archangels. You can attend evensong in the Kazan Cathedral. During the service, creates a unique atmosphere of detachment from earthly thoughts and soul is filled with light.After spiritual food, you can think about the bread and look at the wondrous confectionery "Garcon" that the Cathedral in gentle of the canal. Great coffee and French pastries will satisfy the most demanding gourmet. At the metro station Gorky is famous for its food facility - "Demyanova ear". There can be delicious and satisfying dinner. Many cafes and bistros located along the Nevsky, where you can taste sweets and aromatic coffee.Once in the city on the Neva river in the evening, you can visit the "TRANS-Fors" - a virtual entertainment center of St. Petersburg. Finding himself in this place, this moment to get into any city of the world without having to travel outside the country. This is due to the three-dimensional simulation space.Finally, it makes sense just to walk to the open bridges over the Neva. At dusk the spectacle makes a lasting impression. The bulk of the bridge, divided in two - at odds to the morning once again reunited in the waters of the Neva.