The best option for Dating in any city in the world where the potential bad weather, is a cozy cafe. Before selecting the institution where you are going to invite a girl, you need to know her tastes. The largest selection of institutions is, on Nevsky prospect, there are dozens of Italian, Japanese and Mexican restaurants. If you want to impress a girl reduced her to an unusual place, think about the restaurant Dans Le Noir. Here you can experience incredible new sensations after dinner in complete darkness. If this option is too extreme for you, you can go to one of the many art-cafe Petersburg. Very atmospheric and interesting place can be called the art-cafe "Sunduk" or a "traveling Bag for a pregnant spy". The only thing to consider, a network of institutions are usually much cheaper than more restaurants and cafes.
If you are fans of active entertainment, visit a water Park. There you can swim in the pools, ride steep hills, relax in the Jacuzzi or visit the Spa. This, incidentally, is a great way to see the girl without makeup and in a swimsuit. Of course, you can just walk around the city, good architecture Peter and his bridges quickly set up a romantic mood. River walk by boat or tram – way to see Saint Petersburg from a different point of view. In the heat of this trip will be refreshing, but in other weather needs to warm up.
Fans of art and knowledge is likely to find interesting exhibitions, tours and museums. We are not talking about the jewel of St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum, the city has many other notable places. The project "Floors" provides visitors the opportunity to see the most interesting examples of modern art, wax Museum – take pictures with the "celebrities", the Museum of circus art lovers of the circus. Thing is that your tastes coincide, to go for a girl quite uninteresting for the Museum is almost guaranteed to start an argument. Better to find a compromise.
Well, if your girl is a fan of the movie, the most obvious option of Dating is to go to the cinema. It is desirable, however, to know in advance what movies you prefer your fiancee and your movie night will be unforgettable.