To avoid difficulties, you can find a place of rest in Russia. Gelendzhik, Anapa and Sochi is a great place for beach holidays with children. Among the undoubted advantages of this option – closer to home (obviously, small children are not very tolerate long flights and travel), knowledge of the language, no problems with acclimatization. On the other hand, the Black sea is not the warmest, on resorts of Russia not to find exotic fruits (though in a situation with children this can be a plus), moreover, such a stay might not be the most budget.
From nearby countries is the most fit for a family vacation, the country is without a doubt Turkey. Separate children's menus in hotels, children's canteens, a great number of well-equipped playgrounds, daily shows for children. The only drawback Turkey for children - it's too hot with the kids best to go here in the early fall.
Croatia and Montenegro is perfect country for a family holiday, it is a very mild climate, lots of sights and the bright sea, a child of eight years will be interesting to swim with a mask and snorkel because the water is weight harmless and beautiful animals.
If you want to relax with a child in Europe, no doubt choose Italy. This is the safest for this kind of tourism the country. It is warm, beautiful and around the historical monuments and world famous museums. Moreover, in Italy excellent conditions for shopping that will allow you to update the wardrobe of the whole family. Fly and Cyprus, conditions for rest there are the same as in Turkey, but everything is at hand, because the island is small.