May is a good time to travel with the child to the sea. At this time in popular tourist destinations are not so crowded, while the sea water on some of them are already well warmed up. Choosing the sea for vacation, don't forget that children under three years is highly undesirable sudden climate change and long flights. However, some modern parents are quite actively traveling the planet with babies. However, before traveling long distances all take the time to consult the pediatrician to rule out nasty surprises in the adaptation of children's organism to the new climate. We should not forget that the health effect of being at sea comes only after two or three weeks, so a vacation in five days – rather, it is just a vacation, but not recovery. One of the best options for the may travel with the child to the sea are the red sea resorts. Israel, Egypt, Jordan is not all of the state, lying on its coast. However, the popular Egyptian resorts exactly where you can for little money to relax in comfort. The beaches here are clean, the sea is as transparent as possible, and the air of the coast is saturated with bromine. Among the features of the sea – a shallow shore, which is extremely convenient for children to play.In addition, there is a wide selection of cultural tours. Of course, three-year-old baby of the local attractions, most likely, will not appreciate. But older children in Egypt, you can show one of the seven wonders of the world – pyramids or give them a camel's walk is a fascinating trip on the two-humped animal at the coast.The Mediterranean sea in may can also be the perfect place to stay with the child. On its coast there are many resorts, so that problems with their choices should arise. In may you can go with the child to Crete, fee Balearic Islands, Malta, Tunisia or Greece. The climate is especially useful for kids with lung diseases and problems in the vegetative-vascular system.May is also a great time for a beach holiday with children in the United Arab Emirates. Here waiting for the warm waters of the Gulf, comfortable hotel with plenty of entertainment for children, water parks. We can safely say that the resorts of this state created ideal conditions for a family holiday.In the last month of spring you can go with the child and the Dead sea. Just keep in mind that this is no ordinary sea, and splash in its waters your child will not work. All because the water is extremely salty, making the body of a man in this sea is pushed to the surface as float. But the water in it is literally saturated to the limit of useful trace elements. Vacations on the sea will be good for the baby. He may not even go into the water of the Dead sea. The stay nearby is having a tremendous impact on a child's body.If the family budget allows, go with the kid on the Caribbean sea. In may it is especially beautiful. Hot sun, perfect sandy beaches, wide choice of hotels and lush exotic vegetation – rest in such surroundings will be remembered not only for children but also for adults. The experience is such popular resorts in the Caribbean, like Dominican Republic and Cuba. Tour in these States are not is cheap, but to save on vacation, especially children, absolutely worthless.