In order to save space, computer keys are multifunctional: the same buttons in certain combinations can have different values. Look carefully on the keys of your computer. Each of them contains 2 and more characters, and they have different colors. In the upper left corner are the letters of the Latin (English) alphabet, and punctuation and waterstove signs that are activated after the transfer of the keyboard to the English layout. In the lower right corner of the button caused the value it has when the settings of the Russian language. Please note that this feature applies not only to the keys with literal values, but also to the digital keyboard.
To change the language in which to print your text document, press "Ctrl+Shift". On some computers the action to change the layout of the keyboard perform Ctrl+Alt". It does not matter, you use these buttons on the right of your keyboard or the left, they are identical.
To change the letters on the keyboard using the mouse. On the "taskbar of your computer, near the platform hours is the window of the change of language – "the Language bar". It is written "EN" or "EN" depending on the currently installed values. Click with the left mouse button on the "Language bar" and in the opened context menu select the language that you need right now. Click on the desired value with the left mouse button. Next to him will be a special box, and the keyboard will start typing in another language.
In computer games the most important and, their settings allow you to change the value of the home buttons. As a rule, change the command keys in the "Settings" or "Manage" your game.