The train is not so hopeless in terms of entertainment place. Some people manage fine there to have fun, make friends and learn new Board games. Of course, the best option is to go with friends. Then you get bored just do not have. Surely your company has some fun, familiar game, such as, crocodile. You can just talk, because loved ones will always find subjects for long conversations.

Bring a book or magazine to them if necessary could be enough for the whole way. This needs to be taken care of in advance. You can also directly at the train station to buy Newspapers with crossword puzzles, crossword puzzles and other puzzles. Fascinated, you will not notice how time flies for the solution of interesting problems.

You can always try to start a conversation with neighbors in the compartment. Perhaps they won't wait until you do, and speak with you first – because they too boring to drive. If you are lucky, a neighbor may be a very interesting person, from whom you will learn a lot. Even if you just talk about your life on the train – it can be very interesting and useful in psychological terms. It's amazing how much about yourself are ready to open people to the first comer, the companion with whom I will never meet. In conversations at times it comes about such things, some of which don't tell even your closest.

If you have a player, then be sure to charge it at home and throw in your favorite music. Watch for speeding scenery, thinking about everything and nothing song – this is a very enjoyable part of travelling by train. Anyone who does not imagine a trip without player.

Taking a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can look at this movie. Perhaps you will join your neighbors in the compartment, then I can get a small car cinema. Perhaps you didn't have time to watch some movies at home, but the train is a great place for this.

When every electronic device runs out of power, you can switch to good old desktop and other games. In each car, if the long train rides, be sure to play cards. You can always join such a company. Sea battle, the city, and many other games that only require a partner and a piece of paper, too, are a great escape from boredom.