What methods of hair removal in intimate places can be used during pregnancy

All the painful methods of hair removal intimate places is contraindicated in pregnancy, as in this case, stress of the mother may adversely affect the formation of the nervous system of the fetus. Some dermatologists also recommend laser hair removal in this period, however the majority of experts believes that the most appropriate means of hair removal will be a delicate mechanical removal shaving and use postoperation creams-serums.
For shaving intimate areas, it is recommended to apply special foam, and after the procedure is necessary to moisten the skin cream.

Shaving is a cheap quick and painless method deleted check box, and hair. This method has no contraindications. It can be executed by yourself at home on any parts of the body. The disadvantage of this method is the risk of cuts, irritation and rashes. Hair grow very fast, become spiny and hard. Beauticians suggest when shaving do not use soap in this case the skin becomes dry and scaly.

Epilation and waxing painless hair removal methods

To painless methods of hair removal is the IPL - the impact of short flashes. The number of treatments depends on the structure and amount of hair. After hair removal the skin is applied a special soothing gel. Epilation is considered the most effective and painless method for the application of which pregnancy is not a contraindication. Usually the procedure is performed in beauty salons or medical offices. The optimal mode of exposure is selected by the physician or the computer system. When properly selected mode, possible skin burns.
During pregnancy you cannot use hair removal strips-depilatory hot tar or wax.

At home you can make bio epilation – hair removal using cream. Hair after this procedure are growing slower than after shaving. Depilatory creams are universal, suitable for sensitive skin, easy to use and make the procedure painless. The disadvantages of working at heights include possible allergic rash. Difficulties may arise in controlling the temperature of depilatories, require pre-heating.

Before bio epilation is required to test for portability: it is necessary to apply a little cream on the skin of the inner surface of the forearm, wait a while and rinse it off. The duration of the test is usually indicated in the instructions to the tool. Use the cream, just make sure there are no allergic reactions. To properly do the waxing, you can pre-view the instructional video on the procedure.