The inscription on the cake should be informative but not too long. So the text "hero of the day 55" looks much more advantageous than, let's say "Congratulations pyatidesyatipyatiletnego!". A capacious inscription "ENTER" will say more than "the staff of the IT Department from a grateful accounting staff", and to post short text simpler than the florid phrase.

It is desirable to specify in the text the name of the person for whom the cake is intended, it is always very pleasant and memorable.

Since the cake is intended to create the festive mood, the main emphasis should fall not on the text, and the decorative elements: flowers, figures, vignettes. But still, it is desirable first to make a field label and then place decor: framing curls to lay flowers and other items.

Lettering shall not merge with the main tone, it is advisable to use contrasting colors. As a rule, the hero of the occasion always photographed against the background of this gorgeous sweet gift and greeting text should be in the photo easy to read.

For text always prepare a piece of clean and smooth margins for writing, no dents and bumps in this place should not be, otherwise the inscription will turn out rough.

Important! Always, before writing a text, always procircuit toothpick in the "field" thin lines, within which will be written text, or keep a constant height and slope of a font is very difficult. With a toothpick lightly outline and the location of the letters.

Pre-on paper do not be lazy and create a sketch of the signature, so you will be able to understand if it will include the intended word in the right place . Never do the hyphenated syllables on the cake! It looks slovenly and rude.

"Ink" for writing can be done in several ways:
1. .Mix 2 tbsp butter with 2 tbsp of sifted cocoa to the butter is completely mixed with the cocoa and formed a soft paste.
2. Melt a tile black or white chocolate.
3. Roll "sausage" or cut "ribbons" out of colored putty.
4. Cook butter or protein cream and add food coloring.
5. Grate chocolate on a grater and make it the lettering through the stencil.

Colored ink can be applied directly on the cake (non-separable by a line or dot method), but you can on a sheet of polyethylene, which is placed drawn with a pencil on paper text. The billet is removed in the refrigerator and then frozen letters carefully transferred onto the cake, brushing them with melted chocolate at the bottom.

If when writing you make a mistake, remove the piece from the letters, set the cake in the cold, then remove the frozen "error" and replace it with a newly written letter.