You will need
  • Computer, ready the 3D model, reliable access to the network, an online wallet, accounts on the stock exchanges of 3D models.
Try to sell the 3D model on one of the numerous sites created specifically for this purpose, for example, or Most importantly, decide what your creation may be of interest to buyers today in free access in the web you can find thousands of such models, and not the fact that what you are asking for money, not just better, but at least different from many other works. In this case too great a risk to lose the wasted time and left with nothing.
How to sell 3d model
On freelancing sites such as, or very popular services in 3D modeling. So, if you are creating there quality and attracting customers portfolio, it is quite possible that your models will sell out. Even if this does not happen, when the appropriate level of work and the application of some effort on your part you'll find decent and permanent customer.
How to sell 3d model
Will post photos of their work on resources dedicated to 3D modeling. There are very often those who need good models for a very decent money.
How to sell 3d model
It is also very profitable to sell not so much the models themselves as their images through the stock photography. The beauty of this method is that the model can be locked from different angles and in different scenes, i.e. to get from one job several unique photographs. A specially created model to gain profit in this way.
How to sell 3d model