Start of the trading stocks must be in finding a buyer. A famous Studio on production of content in the Russian Federation in the near abroad, in Europe and worldwide on their websites have a section where I offer cooperation. Often, these studios just act as an intermediary between the producer of a virtual product and its buyer. You can also find a virtual store specializing in sales of this kind. What to do next?
Report Studio or web shop visual products that you have your video content, and you want to sell it. Often it's enough to register. Use all of the supplied contacts. Call for consultations, write on e-mail.
After your registration and after reading your message, you will be contacted by a sales agent, who will offer ways of cooperation. Then your cartoon will be placed on your website. With this you get your account, the account is a personal account. If you are dealing with a specialized shop, they will be able to manage the process of selling your product. Your responsibility will be to set a price.
The cartoon is usually sold. After the sale you deducted the Commission Studio. And the money that belongs to you, you print from your account in the personal Cabinet in any convenient way for You. You will be asked to withdraw the funds in a particular Fund; to postal order to the address you specify; and to the clearing settlement into the account in the Bank of Russia, which you yourself select; to convert into electronic money; Deposit funds on the credit card.
In every such store has a responsible Manager. It is better to contact in advance. He will answer all questions you are interested in.