Cambodia is not a very Mature South-East Asia. Tourists mainly offer two-day tours from Thailand or Vietnam. But more interesting to explore this amazing country yourself.

Direct flights from Russia in the Cambodian city no. To Siem reap or you can get there with one change in Bangkok, Seoul or Guangzhou, or with two changes. But the simplest way is to first fly to Ho Chi Minh city or Bangkok to relax there for a bit, then take a ticket of local airlines.
The cost of flight from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Bangkok, you can buy a ticket for 18-20 thousand rubles, if to follow the actions of the airlines. The plane from Bangkok to Siem reap will cost about 2 thousand, from Ho Chi Minh city — about 5 thousand. Siem Reap – Sihanoukville: about 4 thousand rubles one way.
From Thailand or Vietnam to reach Cambodia by bus, it will be cheaper, but the road is quite long and tedious.
About the visa in advance not to worry, it is placed at the border.

Siem Reap.
This small town is visited by people from all over the world to see the unique temple complex, outdoor French traveler. Incredible installations made of stone amaze and impress even the most discerning.
With the dawn the people go to see the temples, and an evening walk through the streets and sitting in cafes and bars. Since there is no sea, most delayed by only a day or two. In Siem reap, the unique atmosphere, filled with speech in different languages, movement and the sea of people. If you are not fans of discos and bars, you can go for a Thai massage or a foot massage, it costs only 5-10 dollars.
From the airport ask the taxi driver to take you to the city center where there is always a place in one of the hotels. Price for a double room: from $ 20 per day. On viewing the temples you will be happy to take any taxi-driver with whom to negotiate the night before. The trip lasts from 5-6 am till about noon.

Phnom Penh.
In the Cambodian capital to fully manifest all the contrasts inherent in this mysterious country. On the street you can find chic and Lamborghini, and pedicabs. Wealth coexists with extreme poverty. Tourists in the capital visit the temples as well as the "killing Fields" near the city where you can realize all the horror regime of Pol Pot and the tragedy of the whole nation.

A coastal town built by the French.
This is just the perfect place where the traveler can recharge. Warm calm sea, fruit markets, smiling locals who know how to enjoy life and incredibly beautiful children. It is possible to find totally deserted beaches, for example, Grown the beach, where instead of palm trees on the shore there are large larch. On any beach you will always find a free Bungalow for the price of 20-30 $ for two.

What to eat.
Prices in the cafes on the seafront are not high. Of course, there are a lot of seafood and rice. One of Cambodian national dishes is amok — fish, poultry, or seafood cooked in coconut milk with spices. On the Central beach of Serendipity beach many Italian restaurants serving pasta and pizza.

Like most countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia absolutely safe for a solo trip if you follow the General rules in force in any country: do not walk late at night, be wary of pickpockets in crowded places, not to wear diamond jewelry to the beach, to be polite with the locals and understand that you are not at home.

What to pay attention to.
Rouge (Cambodia) — people are very friendly, but in tourist areas it is necessary to keep your eyes open, everywhere you can bargain, as is often initially called very high price.
At the border you can meet "Ostap Bender" offering to change money into local currency, the Riel at a very disadvantageous exchange rate. And claiming that it is no longer possible anywhere to change money. In fact, in Cambodia, everywhere you can pay in dollars, and it is much cheaper.
Many of the locals quite well and clearly speak English.
Cambodia is not so "spoiled" by tourists, like Thailand, so the prices are a little lower.
Souvenirs. Here you can buy beautiful woodwork, jewelry with semiprecious stones, cotton clothing, with images of temples.
Don't forget to take out insurance before you travel.

Every year, Cambodia is becoming increasingly popular, so do not put off a trip to this wonderful country, which will give you vivid memories for a lifetime.