Then we'll decide when's the best time to go. From December to April precipitation in Goa are very rare, and the bathing season lasts all year round. The rainy season begins in June and ends in September.
Decide the purpose of the trip. Goa is not only a beach holiday. Here you can find many attractions: the Church of the immaculate Conception of the virgin Mary, the temple of Shri mangesh, Aguada Fort, ruins of St. Aug and more. But much more popular Goa is enjoyed by people tired of the stuffy cities, offices and strict rules of life.
Select a hotel. For tourists in Goa there are hotels of different plan: it is a youth hostel and state hotels, and hotels owned by various tourist companies and hotels of international class, and exotic hotels of the highest category. The average cost of accommodation ranges from 3 to 100 dollars.
Select the airline. To get to Goa , you can fly by plane to India. In this country fly the aircraft of "Aeroflot" (flights from Moscow), "Air India", "Turkmenistan Airlines" (Turkmen airlines), Qatar Airways (Qatar Airways), "Kiev airlines", "Emirates", "Etihad Airways". Non-stop flights are carried out only by the company "Aeroflot" (6 flights per week to Delhi and 3 to Bombay). The cost of the flight will be 15000-24000 rubles. To Goa you can fight in the air on the plane from Mumbai and also by train and by bus.
Get a visa. For a trip in Goa you want an Indian visa which can be obtained at the Embassy of India in Moscow. For visa purposes please provide the following documents: application form of the applicant two copies of two color photos 3,5x4,5 cm, a valid passport, ticket and copy of hotel reservation, passport and a photocopy. Single entry visa together with the consular fee costs about $ 100.
Make the necessary vaccinations against cholera, typhoid, polio, hepatitis. While in Goa, watch out for the quality of food and try to drink bottled water, then the rest will not be marred by troubles associated with health.