You will need
  • Water, oxalic acid, potash, soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt, vinegar essence, washing powder, fabric softener.
Take a solution of oxalic acid (2 tablespoons per 1 Cup of water) and a solution of potash (1 tbsp to 1 Cup water). Mix both solution and soak in it a piece of clothing, where there is a spot of rust. Hold the cloth until the stain, wash as usual with detergent. If you do not find in the sale of potash, replace it with caustic or baking soda.
Wrap in cheesecloth lemon wedge. Attach the cheesecloth with the lemon to the spot. Go over the gauze with a hot iron. Now, if you treated white cloth, wipe the stain additionally hydrogen peroxide. Hold for 10 minutes the clothing and place it in the machine or wash hands with powder and subsequent rinsing.
Dilute vinegar in water (2 tbsp to 1 Cup water). Heat the solution in the microwave until hot. Place contaminated area of clothing in the hot solution for five minutes. Rinse clothes in water with ammonia (1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water).
Mix the salt and juice from a squeezed lemon. The resulting mixture wipe the stain on the clothes. Leave for a few minutes the mixture on the cloth and rinse the area of the clothing with warm water.
Do not use chemical bleach for elimination of stains of rust. They usually fail, leaving on clothing yellow stain. If you have decided to resort to industrial substances, eliminating rust on the fabric instead of home then you should buy the ones for the procedure intended. In any case, after manipulation with a rusty stain, and the means deducing it, wash the cloth in warm water, then rinsing it with fabric softener.