Place rust-stained clothing on a flat surface. Take a lemon, squeeze the juice out of it. Soak them a spot of rust. Cover with cloth and iron. Likely that just to get rid of rust stains will not work. Repeat this procedure several times. Then rinse clothes in cold water without adding soap. After that wash the thing with a highly active powder.
Try to wash out the rust with vinegar. Dissolve in water containers (1 Cup) one tablespoon of vinegar. Heat this solution on a water bath almost to boiling (approximately 80 degrees). Add a little ammonia (one teaspoon). Dip the soiled part of clothing into the solution for 5-7 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly under running water. If necessary, repeat this procedure.
To remove rust stains from white clothes use sodium hydrosulfite. In a glass of water add one teaspoon of hydrogen sulphite. Preheat to 70 degrees. The contaminated area of clothing put in hot solution for a few minutes. Then rinse in large quantity of warm water. After that, you can wash the clothes the usual way, using the powder. Do not use sodium hydrosulfite for removing rusty stains from colored clothes, as the fabric may become discolored.
To remove rust stains from colored things use a mixture of crushed white chalk, water, and glycerin. With this mixture RUB the contaminated area of clothing and leave on for approximately ten hours. Then rinse and wash the thing in the usual way.
Use special products for removing rust. For example, "Vanish", "Antipyatin" and others. These funds are quite convenient to use. Read the instructions carefully before use. And remember that the spots of rust better output immediately after their appearance on the clothes.