To make the bird feel more confident cage for the parrot is at eye level. In the early days it is removed only by the pallet and feed without any sudden movements.
When the parrot will not be afraid of cleaning, you need during his feeding stand near the cage and talking in a tender voice, calling the name.
In the future you can offer a parrot a treat through the bars of the cage. The bird was enticed to take food from the hand, giving her favorite seeds or vegetables.
When a bird will take seeds from the palm of your hand, open the cage and stick your hand with the treat inside. It is important to be patient, to lend a hand closer to the bird it is not necessary, it is possible to scare her. Daring, he is fit, and will readily climb on your hand.
When budgie is not afraid of hands, it can be taken out of the cage, to let fly, to put on the shoulder. You should remember one rule - do not feed the parrot outside the cage, otherwise he won't want to go back there.