You will need
  • - handkerchief
  • - a small plastic ball
  • - round wooden stick
Budgies – birds are very smart, and have the perseverance easily trainable. Play with them - a pleasure. But first you need to try to earn the trust of the pet. Only then can he develop the confidence and determination. This is the first step to learning games.
How to teach a wavy parrot to trust the host?

You need to take for the rule every day to sit by the cage so that the bird was above eye level of the owner. In this situation, the pet will feel safe. Next, you need to close your eyes and some time to sit quietly in front of cage. Through half-open lids, you can observe the reaction of the parrot: if he looks at the host without blinking, then while still experiencing fear. If blinks – so calm and confident. After the approximation process is completed, you can start learning games.
How to play with a wavy parrot?

The simplest way to teach your pet to respond to a wink. For this you need to sit in front of the cage and carefully observe the pet. After the parrot flashes, you need to do the same, looking right at him. If the bird is worried, you can reply demonstrative reaction of fright. Over time, between you and the parrot will be established closer contact and mutual understanding will appear. In a wink to the master bird will respond in kind.
Then you can move on to more complex games, for example, with a ball, which will be a light plastic ball. Bird can not only drive up it to the owner's hand, but to throw in a makeshift basket simulating a basketball game.
Parakeets are curious. In the process of taming a pet you can go to this trick: to take up any object, which you can use to extract the soft and pleasant sounds (e.g., small bell). Then you need to turn to parrot back and play a bit with this thing. The bird will attract sounds, and she's definitely interested in them. Most likely the pet will try to look over the shoulder of the owner to see what he's doing. At this time he can offer a finger or a stick, so he sat on them.
Another interesting game – feeding parrot that he dropped. For example, a handkerchief or "ball". Soon he will begin to lift the object, which is dropped by the owner, thereby inviting him to start the game. If a bird taps his beak on the cage, you need to knock her back. If the pet ever hard-to-reach place, he can offer one of his favorite toys, and he soon included in the game.
Budgies can sing in response to his warble. This technique is extremely brings the owner with his pet and the bird develops the confidence and interest to the owner. Many parrots love a game like tug of handkerchief or any other suitable object. This is one of the first entertainment, which they study quite quickly.