You will need
  • Bath-bathing, spray or wet lettuce
Bathing parrot in several ways. Try to choose the one that is most like your pet. Under natural conditions, budgies and their relatives prefer to take a bath among the dew-dampened leaves of plants. Try to offer a parrot a bath filled with wet lettuce - maybe he likes it that way swimming. At the same time the bird will eat useful herbs.
If you notice that your parrot climbs into the pond and trying to swim this way, so it makes sense to put in a cage a saucer of water or specially designed for parrots bath-bathing. This bath usually hung on the cage door. Pour clean, warm water, whose temperature should be slightly above room. To offer a bird bathing should be once a week, but on hot summer days it can be done more often. Bathing wavy parrot 2 cm of water in the bath.
If a parrot ignores bathing, is not a reason to consider him a slut. Perhaps it is due to the young age just have not figured out what to do with this subject. Try to interest him a bath, putting out there his favorite toy. Parrots are also increasingly using the " if next to it to hang the mirror. You can also pour into dry bathing a little food, so the parrot learned to climb. In any case, do not try to put the bird in the tub by force - it can cause stress, a parrot for a long time repulsed the hunt to get closer to the subject.
Another kind of swimming that gives great pleasure to some parrots is irrigation from the dispenser. Thus it is necessary to observe some rules. Remember that the water in the spray bottle needs to be warm, because the air in it cools quickly. A jet of water from the dispenser do not need to point directly at the bird, aim just above the head, below the drops, falling, showered parrot drizzle. In this case it is rain, not fog, because too small, water droplets can enter the respiratory tract of the bird and cause coughing. Do not forget before spraying to remove from the cells of the trough, as wet grain can become moldy.