The main component in the diet of wavy parrot are dry mixed grain. They include oats, millet, Canary, hemp seeds and sunflower seeds. When the self-preparation of the grain mixture is necessary to consider that the percentage of millet of the total weight should be 65%, oats 20%, Canary seed 10% and 5% of hemp and small sunflower seeds.
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In winter and during the nesting season to feed a wavy parrot sprouted grain wheat, oats.
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A necessary component in the diet of birds are greens, fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the main source of vitamins. They need to give daily in unlimited amounts.
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The greens are looking like vegetable (cabbage, radish, spinach, beet) and wild (dandelion greens, plantain, knotweed). You should not feed the birds herbs, such as parsley.
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Fruits and vegetables provide a fresh and peeled. You can feed any fruit and vegetables except mangoes, persimmons, papaya, avocado, potatoes.
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You should not feed a parrot vegetables cooked soups and stews. Also the candied fruit and having seeds with a high content of chenille acid (cherries, plums, apricots).
In winter, when no fresh herbs you need to give budgies herbal flour. For its preparation, gathered in the spring and early summer herbs (dandelion leaves, young nettles, red clover buds, alfalfa and other herbs), dried in oven and ground by hand into flour. Store in a dry place in closed container and add to cereal mixture for 5-7% of the total.
Useful wavy parrotm mild Korma: cooked in water without salt cereals made from rice, buckwheat, millet. The consistency of the porridge should be crumbly.
Are the necessary food of animal origin: boiled eggs, low fat cottage cheese, cooked and chopped lean meat and fish. Bread soaked in milk or sweet tea you need to give a little and with caution. Soft food should be given once daily, in the morning.
Every day should give budgies mineral fertilizer, egg shells, small limestone, river sand, chalk. As such, may be Sepia (bio-stone seafood), a piece which should always be in a cage.
The food in the feeder, you should pour small portions. Additionally, the cage should always be a drinking bowl with fresh water.