You will need
  • - a valid passport;
  • - visa;
  • - the permit;
  • - money.
3 days is a great period to explore and maybe even find time to fall in love with one of the European cities. What you choose depends solely on your personal preferences and the purpose of the trip. To spend a romantic weekend in Paris, Prague or Rome, and the shopping is to go to Milan, Greece or Finland. In addition, the trip can be timed to the concert of your favourite singer, then the ticket should take care in advance.
If you dream of warm sea and sun, travel to Turkey, Egypt or Israel. For 3 days it is possible to catch plenty nakupatsya and sunbathe, and some may remain of force and to visit several sightseeing tours. For those wishing to also organize short tours of the Holy sites of Jerusalem, Jaffa, the Galilee and Bethlehem.
In the absence of passport can spend a wonderful weekend in one of the Russian cities. For romance is to go to the Northern capital, stroll by boat on rivers and canals, go to the Hermitage to climb to the roof of one of St. Petersburg's houses or to go to a well-known suburbs Pavlovsk or Pushkin. Not less interesting to visit the capital of Russia with a stop in nearby Tula, Kaluga or Tver. Bus tours usually include meals and a selection of excursions.
To truly relax body and soul and forget about everyday Affairs and give yourself a little rest at a Spa. You can select in the suburbs and close to home or go to Tallinn or Karlovy vary. Even in such a short time your body will regain tone, and unwanted thoughts will leave once and for all.