To dye hair, including eyebrows. Moreover to use not only cosmetic, but and paint, and staining can be carried out both at home and in the salon. The chemical composition of the paint does not affect the status of the fetus, as substances in the ink does not reach the organ systems of a baby, because to hurt him can't.
If you are afraid to paint the eyebrows chemical paint, choose a paint based on natural ingredients. The hair is generally possible to paint or tinting substances, for example, dyes based on henna. Stay they will be less, but no odor or other substances will not endanger the health of the woman and her baby.
In the cabin it is necessary to warn that you are pregnant, then you will choose a more gentle colouring program. For colouring of eyebrows during pregnancy you can use a pencil – it is safe, well gives tone and shape to the eyebrows and not so saturated with chemicals, such as paint. So that the pencil can be a good compromise when painting the eyebrows.
Paint during pregnancy ban is mainly not because of their harm to the body, but because of the peculiar smell. In the first trimester, and sometimes after, pregnant women are very sensitive to various odors, and can cause nausea. Therefore, pregnant woman should not handle these chemicals very carefully, especially if her body reacts violently to such substances.
Another reason for not staining can be hormonal changes in pregnant women. There is always a chance that because of it the paint will fall unevenly, the part of the hair is not stained, creating a very distinctive spotted color. Of course, to go out looking like this will be unpleasant, so before painting is always careful to check how the hair will react to the paint. You can try the paint first on a small area and then apply it.
Despite all the warnings, women during pregnancy, want to look well-groomed. And it's the right wish! After all, the pregnancy is called the most wonderful time for the expectant mother. And the appearance of women and how she is dressed, largely affect its mood, calmness, self-sufficiency. Therefore, we must reject all unwarranted fears and myths and look the way you deserve.