You will need
  • - light brown or gray eyebrow pencil;
  • - the paint shade of "graphite" or "cinnamon".
First, you need to determine the color type of your appearance. In order to paint the eyebrows blonde, usually used neutral or warm shades of pencil and paint. But sometimes it appropriately looks like a cool color scheme.
So, if you have a warm skin tone – peach or butter – you should choose an eyebrow pencil shade "cinnamon" or "light brown". With the explicit cold modtone – olive or bluish – note the color "graphite" and "smoky grey". Thinking how to draw eyebrows blonde, please note that the black color for you is taboo.
Reddish hair when it is appropriate to use shades of eyebrow "chestnut", "mocha" or "dark brown". Eyebrows blondes often by nature have a yellowish color, so you can use not only pencil but also paint to kill the pigment.
To understand how to make eyebrows blonde with a pencil, choose a cosmetic product with solid lead. A soft rod more appropriate for framing the eyes in the technique of smoky eyes. You can also use a waterproof pencil it will not be erased during the day, and you don't have to worry that the evening will remain "without eyebrows".
Sharpen the pencil, proceed to make-up. Placing the pencil parallel to the brow arcs make short strokes, starting from the base of the eyebrows. As you move the rod to bending, turn the pencil diagonally, almost vertically.
The breaking point is the most intensely colored area. Here the pressure on the stylus should be increased, but not too much. But on the "tail" rod is again shifted to the horizontal position, and the line becomes less distinct. If makeup eyebrows blonde for the entire length of the same, the makeup will look artificial and overdone.
Not to spend daily time on make-up, you should try to paint for the eyebrows. Fair-haired girls will approach the shade of "graphite" or "cinnamon".
In order not to stain your skin, apply the top and bottom of the eyebrows vaseline. In a glass container, mix the paint, as instructed, and corrugated wand quickly apply it on hairs. At the ends you can distribute the substance with a toothpick to make ponytails less wide.
For the first time does not need to adhere to the time specified on the package. Just look in the mirror after 3-5 minutes, you will realize that it is time to wash off the paint. If the final shade you like, next time you can extend the procedure time to 10 minutes.
In addition, to sum up the eyebrow. you can use special ink, wax or powder. Using these products is very easy not only to draw the eyebrows, but also put stubborn hairs.
To sum up eyebrow mascara or gel does not need special skills. Just combing the hairs with the brush, guiding them in the direction of growth. If the eyebrow is not too thick, the hairs should point it up.
With the help of eyeshadow or powder you can not only make the eyebrows volume, but change their hue. For application need a brush with tapered bristles. Sum up the eyebrow shadows from the head and blending the pigment on the tips.