Getting to work with a free schedule, first of all, define for yourself what you want to get in the end. Best write down your wishes on paper. This will allow you to arrange your thoughts and get a clearer idea of what you really need. Be sure to ask: do you work with a free schedule or fit just flexible what is the minimum amount of income you intend to obtain a month, in what field of activity and what you plan to do.
Reread the list of requirements and decide if your desires are adequate to the existing situation on the labour market, is it the practice of free work of these professionals or you will have to change. Currently, in the framework of the free graphics are usually work advertising and insurance agents, accountants and lawyers providing private services, people of creative professions and freelancers, we have professionals working remotely and on single orders. Think of which category of professionals you can fit in.
Having defined the scope and type of activity, go to immediate work. If you plan to work offline on any of the existing companies, start your search with the available vacancies. These ads can be found either on the websites for job search (,,, Sheehy) or in Newspapers such as "hand in hand" or "Work for you". Keep in mind that, as a rule, each region has its own specialized publications and local websites for job search.
In addition to studying existing proposals on the work place also your summary at the greatest possible number of Internet portals. This will increase your chances of quickly find a suitable job. You can also give ads in the Newspapers. Please note that if you care that is flexible, it is necessary to emphasize this point in your resume.
In the interview with a prospective employer time I would dwell on the issue of the work schedule, make sure that the future leader agrees to this kind of cooperation. Separately discuss the amount of work expected, deadlines and remuneration. Specify the frequency of contacts with the head and form of your communication. And if you did everything correctly, you can expect that your work in the free schedule will be no less successful than the traditional office.