If you've always wanted to go to Europe, but did not allow the time and finances, November is the time. Compared to the summer prices are lower, tourists are fewer and you alone to wander through the beautiful streets of Prague, Barcelona, Rome... But unfortunately, the traditional European beach resorts too cold for a beach holiday.
Lovers of good wines is to go to France. Every third Wednesday of November in the small town bozho near Lyon starts the procession of the winemakers. Procession with torches through the streets of the town, overlooking the main square, where at midnight knock out plugs from the huge barrels of wine and be treated to all participants. At the same time, sales of the young Beaujolais starts in all cities of France.
If you want to go to the sea, but have limited time, your choice - Egypt. There in November, the velvet season begins, the temperature is not too high and the sea is warm. The cost of the trip to Egypt starts from 250-300 dollars per person, also do not need to apply for a visa, put it directly on arrival.
Those who are tired of Egypt, it makes sense to choose an Israel, where at the end of November the heat, the temperature does not fall below 21оС, sea water warmed up to 21-24C. The only problem is that at the end of November in Israel have short, but strong rains that may spoil your rest.
In November begins the season in Thailand. The tours cost starts at $ 500 for a week long vacation. However, to go quite a long time. But in November there is not a lot of tourists, so you can fully enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Kingdom of smiles. The same applies to Goa. The cost of tours there, as in Thailand, starts from $ 500-600 per person.
Those who do not want a beach holiday, it may be advisable to go to a ski resort. From mid-November open resorts in Finland, Austria, Switzerland and France. At the end of November begin of the Spanish ski resorts. Therefore, the choice of destinations for lovers of skiing slopes are rather large.