For beach lovers at the end of October, there are many options. For example, this time of year is most ideal to visit Egypt. The weather in this popular tourist place in the fall is not very hot, and the number of travelers is relatively small. Autumn temperature is equal to approximately +30 degrees and the water is heated to about +26. Such conditions are suitable for families with kids, since the temperature in the sea is ideal for bathing children.
Another popular destination for tourists at this time of year is Thailand. By the end of October is the rainy season and the air is becoming less humid. The temperature at this time of year +30 - +32 degrees, and the water warms up to 28, which is also well suited for a family vacation. Moreover, the number of tourists in Phuket, Chang or Pattaya is not that big, but because it is possible no queues to go on interesting excursions to historical places of Thailand.
At the end of November is a pretty popular tours in Morocco. Beach holidays in this country will be different because this time of year there is still no rain, but the temperature of the air gradually begins to subside. Day it is +25-+27 degrees, but nights can drop below 20, which will give an opportunity to relax from the heat and feel the breeze of the Atlantic ocean. Here you can enjoy beautiful sea landscapes, to ride a Quad bike through the desert or go shopping at the local market, where it is possible to bargain with the local sellers. It is not recommended to relax at this time of year here with the kids because by the end of October here climb pretty high waves that can be dangerous for kids.
If you want to visit any sights, to get acquainted with ancient culture and visit historical sightseeing, you can go to Europe. This time of year almost all of Europe is warm weather, which is perfect for walks in any country. For example, in the second half of October in Italy is the festival of chocolate in Perugia. At this time, the city turns into a huge bakery where you can taste the best sorts of chocolate. You can also visit Rome, Florence, Milan to see the Opera. In Spain you can walk through the ancient streets of Barcelona and Valencia, to visit art museums. It should be noted that it is not worth buying at this time of year trips to Spain for a beach holiday. This is due to the fact that gradually, here comes the rainy season.
The end of October suitable for lovers of ski holidays. The most popular place to travel this time of year is Austria. You can visit the Stubai glacier, where be opened the first ski slopes. It is also worth noting the resort of Hintertux, Kaprun. However, most of the other known ski slopes are opening their lanes for tourists only closer to the beginning of November, when the snow cover becomes a little bit more.