Beach lovers in early November, you can go to Israel, Egypt or the United Arab Emirates. At this time there is no longer the terrifying summer heat, but the temperature of the water and air still allows you to enjoy swimming and long walks to local attractions.
The pleasant weather during November is preserved in Tunisia and Morocco. And at the end of November and in December you can go to the beautiful island of Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles. At this time there are no tropical downpours that allows for the entire vacation swimming, sunbathing on the beach, Hiking in local nature reserves and scuba diving, observing the sea life below.
In December is to go to Thailand, Bali or Sri Lanka. Good weather for a beach holiday at this time in Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canary Islands and South America.
For those who want to enjoy a pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, it is best to go to the US or Europe. Since the beginning of winter streets, cafes and houses there are decorated with colorful garlands in the stores comes the sales season, but on the streets selling delicious hot toddy and mulled wine. In Belgium and Denmark, for example, in December the Christmas beer festival. And practically in all European countries this month a magnificent Christmas market. And, of course, tourists will have tours and excursions to local attractions.
Active guests can go in December on ski resorts in Spain, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland and Austria, is equipped with modern lifts and a variety of hotels for every taste and wealth. A large number of excellent ski slopes is located in Finland. There you can ride a snowboard, and in some places, for example in the Czech Republic, and even to swim in the thermal springs.