You can go at this time in Egypt. The sea is warm and calm. The temperature optimum is 30 ° C not higher. Do not give up, being in Egypt, we offer tours of the sights of the ancient world.
The correct choice of Thailand as a holiday destination in November. It was at this time the heat subsides in the country, behind tropical storms, is set by the soft weather, warm sea will be without storm waves. Mostly tourists at this time, the majority in Pattaya and Phuket. The air temperature in the country will stop at around 26-27оС, water – 25C.
Visit in early November in the Canary Islands (Tenerife resort) or in Portugal (Madeira resort). There will not be hot, you will have the opportunity to go fishing, hunting, Windsurfing, scuba diving.
A beach vacation will be unforgettable in November on the island of Mauritius, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Morocco, Tunisia. Each of these countries has its own incomparable with any other sites, but all of these countries one in early November, here is the excellent weather, the sea is warm. Keep in mind that at the end of November already, the cold and the swimming season ends.
All year round you can visit the beaches in the Maldives. The entire year, including November, the temperature here is at the level of 24-27оС, the bluest in the world the sea is warm, sandy coral beaches are pristine.
In Acapulco and cancún (Mexico) November is the dry period. But there can be tropical cyclones. If you fear natural disasters, visit the quiet island of Bali, where the beach season lasts all year round.
Fans economical stay on the beach you can go to the beginning of November in Greece. Here in this time falls the summer heat. But preference give to the Islands of Corfu and Crete, where it's warmer than the mainland, and there is prolonged rainfall at this time of year.