The first three weeks of life, goslings – the most crucial period. At this time you need to provide them good quality food and required environment. If the goslings was cultivated under a hen, then it will heat the young. One goose sits usually 12-14 young birds. If the goslings have hatched in the incubator, then you need to contain their first week at a temperature of 30-32°C, and the second is 26-28°C, and the third - 23-25°C. Already in the fourth week the young can do without heating.
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The goslings are very poorly tolerate drafts and dampness, so the litter material and the premises where they raise the young, should be in dry condition. Every day change the bedding by removing soiled and wet. Feed the birds, you must immediately after they are output. The first two days they are given boiled and chopped eggs, millet and oatmeal. The third day it is possible to include in the diet of finely chopped greens (dandelions, nettles, clover, quinoa, pen, garlic and onions). From the fourth day enter the menu, boiled potatoes, beets and soaked in water oil-cake. In March and April, add in mash yeast, vitamin grass meal and fish oil.
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Carrot is an excellent source of carotene, it is necessary to give the goslings pre-chopped in the blender or rubbed on a grater. In the first week of the juveniles should be fed at least five times a day during the second week enough for four feedings, then three times. Feeders should be equipped with bumpers, height about five centimeters that the goslings have not climbed in them and trampled food. Drinkers it's better to put the vacuum, the water should be fresh and clean.
From the third week of his life, the goslings the bulk of their time grazing. But since the sixth week allowed them to release the water. Ensure that the young are not carried by ravens. Make goslings in the water helps to reduce cannibalism and feather regrowth. On pasture they eat a large variety of herbs, so I'll be feeding them in the evening concentrates.