What to spend the parent capital? The law provides three possibilities. Once you issue the certificate on hand in branch of the Pension Fund, you can decide where best to direct funds.
With the help of the parent capitaland you can improve their living conditions. There are a number of nuances. First, you will not be able to use the money until the child reaches three years of age, and secondly, the funds will be transferred to the Bank account of the recipient directly from the Pension Fund, in the third place, in a new apartment or house will need to issue equity right of ownership on the child.
In addition, there is a requirement to buy housing, it must be in the territory of the Russian Federation. You can also pay with capitaland a mortgage. In this case, it is necessary to prepare the contract of purchase and sale of apartments, mortgage contracts and the certificate of ownership the apartment. Funds for housing purchased with a mortgage is transferred to the Bank account for the payment of interest until the child reaches 3 years.
You can use the parent capital on building a house, buying building materials, home improvement and a significant increase in the area of private ownership. In this case, 50% of the monies refunded immediately after the provision in the Pension Fund of the documents confirming the purchase. And the second part of the money transferred to the account of the person engaged in the construction, after the provision of documents confirming improvement of living conditions. The very household should be issued, including shares children. That is, you have to make the agreement, which will specify the percentage of ownership of the children.
In addition, you will be able to transfer money from the certificate of formation of the cumulative part of mother's pension. This method of implementation of the maternity capitaland may only be used voluntarily at the request of the child's mother.
You can implement the parent capital another way. So, with money you can pay for any child's education, kindergarten, school or University. You choose your educational institution. This entitlement not only in relation to that child for which capital is received. If the family has children, you can pay for the education of any of them.
The only condition which was put by the legislator in the last method of implementing a capitala, is that kid at the beginning of training should not be more than 25 years.To spend means of the parent capitaland on all the statutory needs. It is possible to divide, to realize gradually or even not to use it. It is your right.