You will need
  • In order to choose and set the filter, you will need: an aquarium that will be filled with settled water.
The filter is a necessary thing in your aquarium. This equipment is divided into two types: internal, which will be located inside the aquarium, and, of course, external (this filter will be mounted outside the aquarium). Select the type of filteras follows depending on the volume of the aquarium. Also have the filterfollowing materials that are used for mechanical and biological water treatment: activated carbon, expanded clay or ceramic filler.
Filter with UV lamp.
Internal aquarium filter consists of a pump and sponge. The sponge is passed through contaminated water, and comes out clean. Such a filter can be used in small aquariumto 200 liters. Very sponge-filter needs to be cleaned and, to the extent of wear, replace with new. The efficiency of the filterand will depend on the size, type and capacity.
Internal <strong>filter</strong> <b>aquarium</b>.
External aquarium filteryou have canister. This canister is always out of the aquarium. From such a filterand there are two hose. From one water hose enters the canister, and through another goes back into the aquarium. When water gets into the canister, then there is several stages of mechanical, chemical and biological treatment. This filter is used for large aquariums or aquariumx smaller volume. At the small aquarium the level of water pollution does not allow to keep the internal filter. Some filters can be combined with the compressor, that is, along with cleaning water can saturate the water with oxygen and also with UV lamp.
External <strong>filter</strong> <b>aquarium</b>.