Noticing that the child's temperature, shortness of breath, fatigue and unexplained sweating, get medical attention immediately. Even the presence of one of these signs is cause for concern. In the process of examination of the patient and listening to the lungs the doctor will establish the suspicion of pneumonia. But the exact diagnosis will only confirm radiography of the chest.
Only after x-rays the doctor can prescribe the right treatment. After all, in the picture obtained as a result of this survey will show the exact localization of the inflammatory process. This is especially important if the child is ill with pneumonia. To accurately identify a patient's condition, the doctor may prescribe additional studies and analyses.
After diagnosis or when a serious condition of the child, the doctor prescribes treatment with antibiotics. With the right choice of medication after 2-3 days the patient should decrease the temperature. If at the expiration of that time the state of the baby has not improved, the doctor should prescribe an alternative scheme. After a course of antibiotics are usually prescribed biologics.
The treatment of mild pneumonia is usually held at home. During it provide the child a permanent bed rest for the entire febrile period. The air in the room where the patient lies, should be wet and fairly cool 18-19 degrees.
In each case, the doctor may prescribe the intake of additional drugs, based on the characteristics of the disease. It can be mucoregulatory funds, antiallergic, bronchodilatory, expectorant drugs.
Also useful extracts of plantain, mother-and-machihe, nettle or licorice root. A good mucolytic effect may be given by the inhalation of plain warm water.
Feed your child right. The food should match the age of the patient and to be complete. For children up to years, the volume of fluid intake per day must be up to 150 ml per kilogram of body weight given breast milk.
During the rehabilitation period, the rate which can last from 2 to 3 months, the baby is assigned physiotherapy, therapeutic physical training and massage. Consider taking bio-stimulants, vitamins, and frequent walks in the fresh air.