In every city there are municipal shelterto homeless animals. They are animals, caught on the street, aggressive or old dogs. The territory of the orphanageand located the cages in which animals are kept. As a rule, all cages are on the outside, and in cold weather animals have no opportunity to warm up. Many dogs do not survive the cold. The food in the shelterOh is quite scarce, meat give a little. In order to make the animals life in the shelter, e the volunteers arrive. They walk with the dogs, trying to find them new owners. If the animal is old or sick, then after a couple months of living in a shelteris euthanized his staff. Places in cages is not enough, and new animals arrive almost every day. If the dog you care and you care about its fate, in a shelter for animals it is better not to give. Sometimes it's better to live on the street than in a small cold cell, starving.
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A good alternative to the municipal shelterof am could be a private shelters that Finance a charitable organization. Private shelters units in the country and they are usually crowded because they have a small territory and limited financial resources. In this shelter can make an animal if you will make some funds or buy essential food or medicines.
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You can give the dog the so-called overexposure. Overexposure realize individuals who care for animals for a fixed monthly fee. A content dog is fully payable by you. The amount of monthly payments can start from 3,5–5 thousand roubles and to reach 7-10 thousand. This amount includes the maintenance of animals in good conditions, feeding, walking, possible veterinary care for sick animals, as well as the income of the temporary owner. Overexposure animal can live until you find a new or old host. Your task will be an active search for people who want to take a dog into the family.
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