You will need
  • - Sewing machine
  • - Manual
  • - A Magazine "Burda Moden"
In every house there are thousands of small things which could use a sewing machine to hem curtains, sew dispersed over the seam of things, to shorten the pants. Besides a sewing machine and minimal sewing skill it is a panacea for people with irregular sizes. If you are too high, too low, too lean, if clothes for the top and bottom you have to buy different sizes of sewing machine is for you.
All sewing machines are divided into three types: Electromechanical, electronic and computerized. The first - very simple. They perform about two dozen operations on them well to learn to sew and, more importantly, they cost a penny - the most simple machine is a reliable firm Brother standing about two and a half to three thousand rubles.
E - cars- for advanced users. They know more and more are, but if you are sure that you will be a lot of sewing and you have enough money, it makes sense to buy such a car. Select machine company Brother or Janome. It is a reliable and proven company.
Computerized machines need to professionals, they can do almost all the sewing on them is a pleasure. But the cost of this machine may exceed several thousand dollars.
Choosing and buying a sewing machine, the first thing to read the manual, it contains comprehensive information about your purchase. Find a few scraps of different fabrics, try different stitches, referring to the user manual. Change the needle, "play" with the settings. Use all available seams. Practice doing straight lines.
Thanks coming more than fifty years the magazine "Burda moden", any girl can start sewing in just a few days. After all, this magazine has detailed patterns, information about how much fabric you need for the selected model, a thorough description of the priority sewing and that is very important for a beginner seamstress, in any release, there are a few basic things for sewing. They are marked with one or two black circles near the name of the model. Following the instructions from the magazine, sew a skirt. It is always better to start with a skirt - in the process of cutting and sewing you will better understand the process of sewing. Creating a few simple models and move to more complex.
If the instructions in the magazine are not enough for you, look for a video master classes in the Internet. Usually you can find a detailed video on almost any sewing question.