If you want to learn to sew by yourself, the first thing you need to buy quality tools. At first you can do with measuring tape, a ruler with a right angle metal sewing scissors, thread and needles of different thickness. Of course, the most important is the availability of the sewing machine. To start with a simple machine for home use, which is a function of simple straight lines and processing loops. Other devices and more complex mechanisms you will discover in the process of sewing.
An important step in the process of creating garments is cut. Repeating, we note that the self-understanding of how to properly take measurements and to cut the product according to your figure is very difficult. But this will help the logs with a detailed description, instructional videos that you can find on the Internet.
Remember that to properly take your measurements alone is not possible, therefore, at this stage better to ask for help from a friend. Because it is often incorrectly taken measurements cause too tight or loose sewing, and as a consequence spent time and money on clothes you can't wear. Obmenka should be tried on over underwear, in a free, natural posture without stress or strain. A-line straps must be strictly horizontal, and the line length is vertical.
Initially, it's best to sew the product according to the example, substituting your details in the pattern. Gain experience, you will be able to simulate and assemble the items of clothing themselves.
For quick cutting and sewing of shoulder products are indispensable is pattern-based. You will spend time on accurate measurements and build the perfect for your figure of the pattern only the first time. Then, experimenting with the width and length of the product, the appearance of the shoulder at the arm openings and neckline, you will be able to create an original product that no one else has, and which, moreover, fits you.
The model you have chosen, it is necessary initially to cut out on tracing paper (it can be replaced newsprint), and then transferred to the fabric. Cut-out details, you need to sweep manually with thread or with pins. Further, the product should be to try and adjust according to your body. You can then process the edges of the parts and to connect them with machine stitch.
If you want to learn to sew, the main thing is your desire to learn and improve, despite mistakes and failures. Remember that initially you need to understand the peculiarities of the sewing, and not strive to make a product as quickly as possible.