You will need
  • cosmetic clay;
  • - med;
  • - cinnamon;
  • - essential oils;
  • - baby and bath soap;
  • - starch;
  • - aspirin;
  • - lotion.
If you are not allergic to honey, you can try to make this mask: 1 tsp honey + 1 tsp ground cinnamon, mix everything thoroughly and apply the mixture on the areas of the face, which reddened. The procedure - about 20 minutes. And the effect you will notice immediately. To strengthen the result, it is recommended to do this mask for 10 days.
As emergency reddened face, try the following method. Spread redness baby cream, and then carefully wipe it with a cotton ball or disc. Then water the location of the defect and plenty of grease bath soap. Wash it off need for such a scheme: gently apply palm with water to it until you feel that the skin of the traces of soap left. The only disadvantage of this method is the redness disappears for a while. So you will only drastic measures of treatment.
The ideal way to instantly get rid of redness on face - the use of aspirin. Masks from it - it's just a magical tool. To make one of these, take 3 tablets of aspirin and mix them with a small amount of your favorite face lotion. Just remember that the lotion should not contain any aggressive substances, like salicylic acid. Mix the pill with the lotion to a pulp and apply it on the skin for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Redness will be no more. Just don't overdo this tool. To do this mask can be no more than two times a week.
Take the clay (green or white, doesn't matter), dilute it with water until creamy state and add some essential oils, such as cinnamon. Apply it on face for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
Use starch as a means for washing. It also perfectly eliminates redness and whitens the face.
If you want to remove redness from the skin in the clinic, select cryo. This procedure is very effectively fights skin imperfections, instantly eliminating them, at the same time bringing the skin.