Advice 1: How to calm skin

The increased sensitivity of the skin of the face may be congenital feature or to arise from time to time due to external harmful factors. There are many ways to reduce symptoms of irritation.
How to calm skin
Always wash with warm or slightly cool water, preferably boiled. Avoid using soap, so as not to overdry the skin. Choose a soft cleanser. Scrubs are it is advisable to use with caution.
A great way to reduce the symptoms of irritation is cucumber juice. Soak a cotton pad in cucumber juice and wipe your face. Or just use a slice of fresh cucumber.
Try instead of a night cream within few days, apply olive oil. Not to RUB it into the skin, remove excess with a tissue.
Make a mask of ground oatmeal soaked in milk.
Well help compresses. For example, try a compress of parsley. Prepare a decoction of parsley, and cover the face with gauze soaked in broth. The temperature of the broth should be about 30 degrees.
A great way to calm irritated skin mask for the face. Smetana is done as follows: mix 2 tablespoons of sour cream and beet and carrot juice and apply on face for 20 minutes. Then rinse with cool water.
Or make a mask from yeast, mix dry yeast with any dairy product. If you want you can add fruit juice. This mask should be kept to dry, then gently rinse.
If you grow aloe, use it for cooking egg mask. Grind the leaves, whisk the whites until foamy, add a drop of lemon juice and mix. Apply the mask on your face and let dry. Then apply the next layer and repeat manipulation. Then rinse with cool water.
Almost never cause a negative reaction mask with fresh potatoes. The simplest mask of grated fresh potato. Apply to face and rinse off after 20 minutes.
Whenever going outside, use creams with UV filters. In winter, additionally, use creams to protect from the cold.
Try to give from hot and spicy foods, it is desirable to reduce the consumption of coffee. These products often cause irritation, including on the face.

Advice 2 : How to remove peeling skin

Causes of dry skin rather diverse, but the main is the lack of vitamins and minerals. Even more worsen the condition of the skin and cause flaking incorrect use of cosmetic products and exposure to environmental factors. However, intensive care and balanced diet can resolve this issue.
How to remove peeling skin
For normal condition of the skin you need a daily intake of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, especially A, E, C, b, calcium, zinc and iron. They contribute to the formation of new cells of the skin and retain its moisture. This in turn prevents dryness and flaking. Therefore, the appearance of these signs, start taking a multivitamin. Their balanced composition will fill the body and other beneficial substances.
A great influence on the skin, the gastrointestinal tract. And it is directly related to the quality of food and sufficient water intake. Therefore, eliminate from the diet of processed food and preservatives and replace them with healthy products such as oatmeal, buckwheat, sprouted wheat germ, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, butter. Instead of sugar and confectionery products, eat honey, fruits and dried fruits. In vegetable salads, add unrefined vegetable oils. But to extract of these products all of nutrients do not drink during meals. However, the rest of the time drink water in sufficient quantity to the exclusion of tea and coffee.
In the skin care use cosmetics appropriate to her type. For cleansing give preference to two-phase liquids or jelly, and soft varieties of soap with the cream. Wash with slightly warm water. Do daily vitamin and nourishing mask. For dry skin suitable for fatty foods – milk, egg yolk, cheese, sour cream, various oils. To improve nutritional mix them with different vegetables. Fruit mask is better to apply in the form of pulp. And for better absorption before applying, wash with hot water.
If dryness and flaking of the skin appeared on the whole body, take a day warm bath (37 o C), with the addition of a decoction of nettles, potato starch, steamed rolled oats. Use this water procedure with benefits to other areas of the skin on the hands and face. Apply a pulp of a mixture of oatmeal, honey and milk. After bath to moisturize skin make sure to use lotions or cream with vitamin E.
To improve the skin's metabolic processes make regular massage and do any kind of sports. Physical exercise stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the transport to the skin of all ingested nutrients.
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