You will need
  • - chamomile;
  • - cucumber;
  • - parsley.
Systematic reddening of the skin can be signs of allergies or other skin diseases. You first need to find out the cause of the redness. If it is an allergic reaction to food or something else, take a pill against allergies. Modern drugs hypnotic effect do not possess and they can drink at any time of the day.
If the cause of the redness is in response to a new cosmetic product, it must be carefully removed from the skin. To remove, use neutral soap without dyes or fragrances, as well as milk or soft cosmetic cream. You cannot use lotions that contain alcohol, even in small quantities, as well as the usual soap, including children.
After cleansing the skin, wash with infusion of herbs. A great tool is the common chamomile, which is sold in pharmacies. The effect will be noticeable very quickly, if you wash several times a day warm infusion. Chamomile promotes the effective and rapid regeneration of skin cells, soothes, moisturizes and disinfects it.
Great redness cope with the pulp or juice of cucumber. It can be used without limitation, as the extract from cucumber does not cause any allergic reactions. Cucumber of medium size peel, grate, and then apply on the itchy places for 10 minutes.
Perfectly with redness or irritation cope and parsley broth. Several bunches of parsley steep in the boiling water and let stand 20 minutes. Then warm broth several times a day wash your face. Skin blanch and redness will quickly go.
When the tendency of the skin to irritation and redness to treat it it is necessary carefully. Cosmetics for daily care should be chosen carefully, examine carefully, and with a new means of careful experiment.